Replica Breguet Watches Homage to Winston Churchill

— Breguet Replica Watches hosts a Gentlemen’s evening in honour of Winston Churchill in London. best-replica-breguet-watches

In homage to Sir Winston Churchill, a distinguished client of the House of Breguet Fake Watches, the brand’s boutique in London recently hosted an exclusive and truly novel event: a gentlemen’s lifestyle evening. On this special occasion, Breguet brought together under one roof some of Mayfair’s most prestigious craftsmen specialized in luxury goods and all having in common a historical connection to the illustrious British statesman.

Featuring a variety of craftsmanship, this cocktail reception gave nearly sixty VIP guests the unique opportunity to discover Breguet’s watchmaking world while gaining an insight into a selection of Winston Churchill’s favourite local products, including among others limited edition spirits and cigars, gourmet delicacies or hand-crafted bespoke leather shoes.

The evening’s highlight was an exclusive presentation given by his great grandson, Randolph Churchill, emphasizing the former Prime Minister’s passion for Breguet timepieces. Participants also had the privilege to admire the famous Breguet pocket Replica Watches N°765 (picture above) that belonged to Churchill and which is currently exhibited at the Imperial War Museum in London. The boutique’s windows additionally showcased a number of remarkable antique Breguet pieces placed next to contemporary collections; a beautiful way to observe how history and modernity are closely intertwined.


Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s great grandson. © Swiss Replica Watches